Sunday, July 14, 2013

MORE classroom design pictures

As you all know, I'm teaching 5th grade this year. My class is finally almost completely done. Here are more pictures. I hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!
We will put our "wonderful words" from our novels on colored small cards with packing tape. I'm starting the CAFE so my kids will be reading novels they choose. I will probably have a class novel each grading period but they will be reading by choice for the most part. To make the yellow boarder, I used our P.E. teacher's yellow gym tape. I made the letters. You can get them here.

I hot glued dry erase boards to my bulletin board. The board is yellow tissue paper. I just crumbled it up and stapled it. It was really fast. 

Kids will use cloths pins with their names on them to clip where they are in the writing process. I will use a "writing workshop" model for my writing instruction.

I found this idea on pinterest but can't remember where (SORRY!!!). I will let kids clip their published pieces to share. I hope to have ALL kinds of writing. The blue outline of the eye ball is a knitting hoop. It was my best friend's idea. She teaches 3rd grade at my school (shout out to Mrs. Devine!!!!!!)

Just a shoe rack from Wal-Mart. I had to cut it because my cabinets are narrow. I need my kids to be self-sufficient.

This is messy right now but it is my kids' reading area. I have a beach/tiki theme.

This is my Boggle area (for Daily 5) and baskets for blankets for reading. Under the table are organizers with markers, highlighters, post-it notes, etc. I will use the dry erase board to write questions of the day such as, "What are you reading? What is your favorite quote? ect"

My dad built this podium. I'm sure I will use it for Common Core Standards for speaking and listening. But for now, it is storage for things the kids will use such as staplers, hole punchers, markers, scissors, etc. They will get what they need. No need to ask me. I WILL BE  BUSY TEACHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want my kids to own this classroom. 

Let me know how you organize your classroom. This is the first year I'm in 5th grade. I NEED all the help and advice I can get.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Classroom - New Design - WOW!!!!!!

FIRST - I want to appologize for neglecting my blog. I feel terrible and do have a reason. I have taught kindergarten for 13 years. I am now going to be teaching 5th grade!!!!! WOW, OH NO, NERVOUS, EXCITED....and all those other words that go along with this. I have been working all spring and summer on my new role at my school. I've moved classrooms and have taking on a new vision. My room is color coded and will be organized!!!!!! Another good thing for me, my mom was a middle school special ed teacher and retired. She taught ELA and Social Studies which is what I will be teaching. I got ALL of her things. Did you hear me?!?!?!?! I said ALLLLLL. I really lucked out. Anyway, with all that said, here are some before and after (but not all the way finished) pictures of my room. I will update with the final finished pictures in a few week. They are waxing our hallway floors at school so I can't get in for a while which is good. I need a reason to keep me away. Please comment!!!!!! If you have any more ideas to help me let me know. I got my color idea and shelves idea from Little Lovely Leaders. Her school is a Leader in Me School just like mine. For some reason I didn't take pictures of my tables, shelves, and their colors. I'll do that next week. I plan to have the kids keep their Leadership Notebooks on the shelves along with writing journals, dry erase boards, etc. I'm really not sure yet.

Many ideas came from blogs and pinterest. Feel free to copy and recreate!


I don't have a teacher's desk. I use a horseshoe table because I'm always sitting with kids. It's a MESS now. I'll update with my organized pictures in a few weeks.

AFTER PAINTING ONE WALL TO ADD COLOR AND LIFE TO THE ROOM (yes I did this myself on a Sunday when it was 90 degrees!!!!!!!!!!)

A FEW OF MY WALLS AND ORGANIZATION (but this is the beginning!!!! Stay tuned to more updates)


Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday Linky


Here are my 5 random things. And they are RANDOM!!!!

1. I started buying lower sodium turkey at the deli for my school lunches. It is EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!

 2. My sister and brother sent me these super cute pictures of my nieces and nephews.

3. This week was Bubble Day for the ABC's of the Last Days of School. Here's one of my little guys having fun.


4. And for "C" day we had chalk day. One of my little artists decided to draw a life-sized picture of him then lay in it as if he was dead, lol. How funny!!!!!! I guess I have a weird sense of humor but what kindergarten kid would think of this??????

 5. And finally I was shopping for bar stools and found this at Hobby Lobby (while shopping for school stuff of course)


Sunday, April 21, 2013

When I Grow Up FREEBIE - AKA habit 2

For those of you who are a Leader in Me school, you know that Habit 2 is Begin with the End in Mind. We discuss making a plan for everything. When we talk about what we want to be when we grow up, we talk about the plan we need to make sure we are successful. We set goals to make sure we learn. My kindergarten team is doing the ABC's of the Last Day of School and for our "D" day we called it "Dream Big." The kid got to dress up as what they wanted to be when they grow up and we set goals to make sure we accomplished it. I had one little girl who wants to be a pop star. When I asked her how she what goals she needed to set to make sure she was able to be a pop star she told me,

 "Well I take dance lessons now because you have to be a good dancer. And I take ballet. That will help me dance. I also practice talking in front of people and I'm good at that. I also take violin lessons so I can learn all kinds of music. I guess I'm all filled up. My schedule is packed. My brother just plays all day but I work. I guess I PUT FIRST THINGS FIRST better than he does."

As you probably are laughing now, I was too. I love this little girl. She's my kind of kid. She is determined and will be a GREAT leader. I can't wait to see what she is doing as an adult. I know it will be amazing.

Anyway, Here is a freebie for you in case you want to help your kids set goals for their future. Here is also a picture of my future leaders.

Here is our note for the ABC's of the End of the Year


Friday, April 12, 2013

Scootpad Anyone?????

Click the picture to go to the website.

Does anyone use Scootpad???? I have the trial version and am going to sign up to pay for the monthly version for the rest of this year to see how I like it. I'm going to use it as my kids' homework for the rest of the year. With t-ball and all the family things kids do, I can never get them to do any homework in the spring. I'm hoping this will be new and motivating enough for them. The kids like it because they can earn coins for their activities and "buy" games. They can change their avatar and do a lot of things kids enjoy. I like it because it is aligned with the common core. But I'm new to this so I'd love some feedback. Who uses Scootpad? Do you like it? What do your parents think about it?


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Kite Craftivity and Fact Family FREEBIE

My kids absolutely love this activity. I feel like I don't take the time for art and fun things like I used to in kindergarten. I came upon this activity by accident when I spilled my water on tissue paper and the colors came through onto another paper. The bows on the kites can be adapted for so many different things. Click on the pictures to get it for free from TPT.