Monday, February 4, 2013

Polar Animals, Proper Nouns, and Why are my kids sitting on the table?

My husband and I have been in the middle of moving since the beginning of January so I've completely neglected my blog. I'm so sorry!!!!! Here are some pictures of things my kids have done over the past week and some random thoughts on them. I hope this gives you some ideas.

First, my other 2 team teachers and I plan reading and math intervention time based on our kids' MAP scores. Do any of you do this???? I am teaching a group in RIT band range 161-170 for Language & Writing. We are working mostly on writing sentences correctly, contractions, and proper nouns. Below is a super cute activity I found for free on TPT called "Caps for Capitals". Kids are working in groups to write different types of proper nouns on post-its and we will hang these in the hallway. We are a Leader in Me school so this was a synergize activity.

We are also learning about informative text and how to write informative writing. We have been reading Scholastic Vocabulary Readers about polar animals. We read 4 last week (reindeer, wolves, polar bears, and seals). the kids graphed their favorite polar animal today and they got in their favorite animal groups and drew pictures of things they learned and wrote captions or labels to go with it. These are text features we learned about when reading informative texts. I taped butcher paper on tables and taped a pictures of the front cover of the book they chose to write about in the middle of the paper. We will use this to write an informative report later this week. Below you can see the 4-square writing my team created.

O.K. so one of my kids' favorite times is recess. Since it's so cold here, we have indoor recess. The kids can play legos, writing center, match box cars, or whatever fun things are in the room. I love this picture below. I guess I must be very laid back because I know the kids model themselves after their teachers. Well.....These two cutie pies are playing and one decided to sit on my really low writing table while playing. I thought this was so cute because I sit on it all the time when talking to kids. I guess they DO watch everything. This table used to be a regular sized dining table but the legs were cut down. My kids sit on the floor and use this table during writing workshop when they publish. It's my favorite part of my room.

Do you have free time recess in kindergarten? How do you do it????? I'd love to hear any ideas.


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