Friday, March 1, 2013

Dr. Seuss Celebration and a few FREEBIES!!!!!

We devoted this whole week to Dr. Seuss as many of you probably did. These pictures are from last year because I didn't even think to take pictures of what we did this year. However we did basically the same things. We focused on 1 book a day and dressed according to the book or theme of the book. The note below is also from last year only because I didn't save the note from this year. What's happening to me!!!!! I've been neglecting my blog and not saving things. It must be the crazy teaching stress...... who knows. Anyway, here are some pictures and freebies. I got the idea for the Think 1 and Thing 2 from Mel D. Look below the pictures to see if there is a freebie for it.

I used this to go along with Fox in Socks. We read the story and the kids designed their own sock. We then brainstormed adjectives to describe different socks on the Smartboard. Then the kids got 1/2 of this paper and wrote their adjectives for their socks. They glued their sock to this paper and we put it in the hall. Sorry but I don't have pictures of this. I'll try to remember to get pictures and upload them tomorrow. Last year we graphed whether we wore silly socks and answered questions about the graph. See below.
Click HERE to get this for your graph.

Click the picture to get a freebie for Wocket in my Pocket

Click these pictures to get this freebie!


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