Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Classroom - New Design - WOW!!!!!!

FIRST - I want to appologize for neglecting my blog. I feel terrible and do have a reason. I have taught kindergarten for 13 years. I am now going to be teaching 5th grade!!!!! WOW, OH NO, NERVOUS, EXCITED....and all those other words that go along with this. I have been working all spring and summer on my new role at my school. I've moved classrooms and have taking on a new vision. My room is color coded and will be organized!!!!!! Another good thing for me, my mom was a middle school special ed teacher and retired. She taught ELA and Social Studies which is what I will be teaching. I got ALL of her things. Did you hear me?!?!?!?! I said ALLLLLL. I really lucked out. Anyway, with all that said, here are some before and after (but not all the way finished) pictures of my room. I will update with the final finished pictures in a few week. They are waxing our hallway floors at school so I can't get in for a while which is good. I need a reason to keep me away. Please comment!!!!!! If you have any more ideas to help me let me know. I got my color idea and shelves idea from Little Lovely Leaders. Her school is a Leader in Me School just like mine. For some reason I didn't take pictures of my tables, shelves, and their colors. I'll do that next week. I plan to have the kids keep their Leadership Notebooks on the shelves along with writing journals, dry erase boards, etc. I'm really not sure yet.

Many ideas came from blogs and pinterest. Feel free to copy and recreate!


I don't have a teacher's desk. I use a horseshoe table because I'm always sitting with kids. It's a MESS now. I'll update with my organized pictures in a few weeks.

AFTER PAINTING ONE WALL TO ADD COLOR AND LIFE TO THE ROOM (yes I did this myself on a Sunday when it was 90 degrees!!!!!!!!!!)

A FEW OF MY WALLS AND ORGANIZATION (but this is the beginning!!!! Stay tuned to more updates)



Kimberlee Fulbright said...

thanks so much for visiting my blog!! So glad you found me - we can talk a lot about our upcoming transition & maybe cry a bit together (online)...LOL. Especially when we miss those little faces... Best of luck.. your room looks great:)

Kimberlee @ iTeach 5th & Digital Doodle Designs

Busy Bees said...

Yeah!! Your room looks amazing!! Best of luck wrapping up your classroom!!

Megan Simmons said...

Hi Diana! I too am moving from 3rd to 5th and am really excited about it. I will also be teaching Reading, ELA, and Social Studies. I am a new follower!

Right now I'm busy working on my room. I took over for a retired teacher (she taught me) and she left me A LOT, so I'm going in and going through everything and figuring out how I want it to fit in my room. I want to have it completely ready before the end of July so I can enjoy my August.

I look forward to following your blog and see what all you are doing in your classroom! It looks great, by the way. I LOVE before/after pictures.

Have a wonderful 4th!
Fun In 5th

Nilangi said...

Hi Diana,Really creative.waiting to see more